Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't count your chickens before Prevacid kicks in!

I guess I spoke too soon. Turns out that the mellow, quiet, happy baby on Tuesday was probably due to her vaccinations the day before. The screaming continues. . . All of my research indicates that it takes about 2-3 week to see marked improvement once Prevacid has been prescribed. We should have known. You might be thinking "Well, what's two more weeks of a screaming baby when you've already survived 7?" And to that I would respond, "TWO MORE WEEKS!" What's more--in the last couple days, our little colic bomb has forgotten how to sleep. Last night, she was up from 1-2, 2:45-3:30, 4-well, now--1015am. It appears that all of our work on creating good sleep habits are out the window. We've been having to put her down with a pacifier and most often, in her swing. She slept so soundly in it last night, we let her stay there for hours. Just to hear the silence. I keep telling myself that she is only a couple months old and we will work out all the sleep habit stuff when she is feeling better, but I still worry at the thought of having to teach in the morning and being up all night. yikes! In any case, this is how she has been spending her time:

Justin has been taking some time off work to come home early and relieve me. I think he's afraid to come home and find a headline scenario if he leaves me home alone with a screaming baby too many more times. It's definitely taking its toll and we are all exhausted. I have no doubt (okay, some doubt) that we'll survive this time, but I am starting to wonder what kind of shape we'll all be in by the time we get to the other side. . . that is, if the 'other side' that everyone keeps talking about actually exists.

In more light news. . .
Even with the tears, we have time for cuteness in our house.

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♥peachkins♥ said...

what a cutie! I have a 9 month old daughter,myself.