Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 10

Today is the tenth day of Amelia's Prevacid treatment. I am hoping to see real improvement in the next few days. It would be ideal if this treatment worked and we could move on. I do believe things seem a bit better. We haven't had a screamer in a while--and that is huge. Mommy and Daddy's mental health improves quite a bit with this change. Amelia is still sleeping great and sometimes I even think that eating is going better. Time will tell I suppose.

Yesterday we got to visit with Jessie and Baby Ian, 6 mos. He is very grown up compared to Amelia--he can sit up and roll over and eat solid foods--and is twice her size! It's funny to think that when they are 10, they will be the same age, born the same year, but that right now, they are world's apart in their ages.

Otherwise, not much to report today! Might as well get right to the gratuitous pics!

The evolution of Tummy Time: A roller coaster of emotion in only 6 minutes!

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