Monday, August 4, 2008

She sleeps

Last week was rough. Miss Amelia went through a very wakeful period unlike any before. Maybe from the Prevacid, but either way, she slept for less than 8 hours TOTAL in a 24 hour period for about three days. Total. Nightmare. And just when we were all about to wither away from exhaustion, she slept. She slept through the night Saturday and Sunday nights. Thank heavens!

After her first real night's sleep in about a week, her Sunday was amazing. She smiled and cooed and didn't cry much at all. We were hesitant to call it a breakthrough, but enjoyed it all the same.

This morning has been different. She has cried a lot, but it's hard to tell why. She went down for a nap with Dad's magic put-baby-to-sleep skills so we are hoping for a rosier baby when she awakes.

All told, we are feeling so much better now that she appears to be back in her sleep routine. Above all else, she has always been a champion sleeper, so we panicked when that went away too! So we will take progress as it comes, even if in the tiniest incriments.

In case you were wondering, this is what happiness looks like:

Other news: Baby Amelia got to see both grandma and grandpa last week! She also got to meet lots of our friends at a "Weenies and Wine" party at Bernd and Rosemary's house! She even met a couple little boys--Charlie 13 mos and Barrett 7 mos. They were much bigger than her, but they are all each others' people nonetheless. Lastly, I officially dropped my fall classes this morning with an email to my dean. It was a tough decision, but one without regret as well. Our family needs to be much more healthy and happy before mommy can return to work. My baby, husband, and students are better off if I wait until spring to resume teaching. Part of me will miss my job this semester, but most of me is thrilled to have more time at home.


And the journey continues. . .

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