Thursday, August 14, 2008

Could it be?

The last couple days have shown real improvement. It's obvious that Amelia is feeling better. She's eating well and happy and, well, not screaming, so that's a huge leap for us. She struggled with her sleep over the weekend again. I am convinced that it's the Prevacid because she never had trouble before and even when babies struggle with sleep, they don't stay awake for TWELVE hours like she did twice over the weekend. She gets so tired that it hurts her and she cries and cries. It's as if something out of her control keeps her awake until she's miserable.

That being said, yesterday was easily the best day we've ever had. She slept through the night Tuesday (after being awake for 11 hours) and went down for naps several times throughout the day--not in her swing, but in her crib--you know, like a normal baby does. When she struggled in the afternoon, I thought that we were in for another long night . . .and then she went down at 7. We ate dinner cautiously, waiting for the wails. . . and nothing! Then we went to bed early thinking we'd (and I mean I'd) be up again as soon as we fell asleep. . . nothing! I finally drifted off at midnight, tired of waiting and again, NOTHING. She slept until 3:45! From 7! Then she ate and was back in bed by 5 until 8:30! It was amazing!

I'm too afraid to think it might be anything other than a fluke, but today has gone well so far too. And truly, even with the sleeping thing, things are looking up. Our babygirl doesn't seem to be in pain anymore (she gained 2.5 lbs in the first 10 days on her meds!) so the struggles we have with her have been more along the lines of the normal parenting incidents. Although the wakefulness has been extreme at times, we'll take it as part of the process. Yesterday, I gave her her medicine in two half-doses rather than one big one and wonder if that helped with the sleep too. So maybe we're working it all out. Either way, I am beginning to feel more along the lines of a normal mom with a normal baby and it feels so.much.better.

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