Thursday, August 28, 2008

The baby-switching fairy came

I don't know who this child is, but I think we will keep her! Our little Amelia, the baby that we have referred to as our "bundle of misery" has become a completely different baby. She is smiling all of the time, cuddly as a teddy bear, and easy to hang out with. I almost feel scared to utter it out loud, but one could even call her mellow. I know, it's crazy. . . but true. And nobody is more skeptical than me, let me tell you. She is just so cool. I can't even believe how fun she is. Everything just seems easier somehow. If I sound bewildered, please excuse me. My biggest challenge is trying to figure out what to do with a 3 month old for 10 hours a day. I used to spend most of that time trying to soothe her or get her to sleep. Now we just. . . hang out and play! She even fell asleep in the car today. She never does that. Ever. It was the first time that we went somewhere and there was no crying in the car. All of this means that the rest of the world has gained its relevance again in our house. We are getting out more, becoming more mobile and seeing our friends. There were days when I thought I would never leave the house again!

We are still struggling with a couple things this week. Trying not to double swaddle her for her daytime naps. Yes, we swaddle her twice. Once in the baby straight jacket for her arms and then again in a more traditional blanket for her legs. Some would not believe me when I say that she can get out of either of these alone and only sleeps with the two and to them I would say,


This is how I find her after napping in one blanket only. Of course, the nap did not last long. I still don't know how she managed to move straight down in her positioner without the use of her arms. And you can tell by her face that she thinks she's clever.

And just for fun, we finally got some bath time pics last night. Well, post-bath-time pics anyway. Shiny, happy baby!!

We miss Daddy all day!

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Michael & Amie said...

I'm so happy for you Gena, she does look soooo happy! I had to laugh at the pic of her leg sticking out of her Miracle Blanket. We often find Taylor like that in the morning too :)