Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The sweetest thing

You know, with all of her pain, Amelia is a pretty tolerant baby. For a while there, we lost sight of this when she cried for days on end. It seemed as if she was just a miserable child. We really should have given her more credit. . . but then, when a baby is screaming in your ear and you're exhausted, it's hard to remain positive! In any case, now that her pain has lessened, it's so much easier to see her spirit. Yesterday, she was eating (one of her favorite things to do before this stupid reflux ruined it for her!) and she ate well for about 20 mins before it started to hurt. I could tell because I could hear her struggling to swallow the acid as it came back up her throat (can you imagine?!). She cried and pulled away. Then she just dropped her head on my chest and whimpered in frustration. She just wants to feel better. Only two minutes later, I had her on the changing table (mysteriously one of her favorite places) and she was all smiles--the feeding incident forgotten. Now that she is not in pain ALL the time, she cries when it hurts and smiles for much of the remainder.

Despite the urge of everyone to think/say that she is a "difficult baby," she really is the sweetest thing. Here's the proof:

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