Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just when you think you'll never sleep again. . .

She sleeps. Last week was pretty hard. It was not anguishing like the days/weeks/months we've had before with Amelia, but she just couldn't sleep. She gets so tired and never really drifts off by herself. She HAS to be put to sleep and even then would only sleep for a few minutes at a time. Putting her to bed all week was a three-hour battle because she was so exhausted from being awake all day. . . And by the end of the week, she was getting up more frequently in the night than she has in months. I thought I was going to lose my mind (turns out that exhaustion will do that to a person) by Friday. I had spent virtually all week with a baby who was crying because she was tired but was unable sleep--therefore spending entire days *trying* to get her to sleep. ack.

Then all of a sudden, she slept. She slept from 730pm to 530am. It was phenomenal. Of that stretch, I slept for 6 hours--the longest span of sleep I've had in well, three months. I felt like a new person over night and no longer contemplated running away to a hotel for a month of solid sleep and no distractions. lol. No, she didn't nap much the next day, but then went to bed again for most of the night.

Now I can't tell you what happened or what worked. This child has yet to be the same two days in a row much less predictable in any kind of way. However, we did notice that she changed a LOT over the week. She's holding her head up much more and talking all the time. She's suddenly bigger too. So who knows. I thought babies sleep more during growth spurts, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if she is of the 1% of babies that don't. She likes to beat the odds that way. . .In any case, we are all hoping for a breakthrough and nobody more than me. A tiny bit of regularity would be amazing in our house. Honestly.

No pics from this weekend but we did enjoy a day at Grammy's and went to the mall and actually got out of the house a bit. It was rocky at times but worth it just to know that we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel--even if at times it seems far, far away. At least it's on!

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