Sunday, September 6, 2009


Last week was one of those weeks that you know you’ll have in motherhood but you can’t quite prepare for until it arrives. School started. The buzz of a new semester swirled about while the last-minute prep work stacked up. Then Amelia got sick. Very sick.  Her mystery illness included: a very high (105!) fever for a week, only dipping to 101 but never fully breaking; vomiting; diarrhea; and a terrible rash on her legs. The fever alone made her very sick, not wanting to do much but sleep in Mommy’s lap. At the doctor, they detected blood in her urine and suspected a bladder infection, but the culture came back negative. It remains a mystery for now. She is slowly getting better, but is still unusually clingy to me and overly tired by the end of the day.

Oh and all her molars are coming in. Right now. At the same time.

I have to give it to the Girl, she has amazing timing. She’s only been sick with an actual illness 3 times—Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, and the first week of school.

I found myself running in and out of my classes, dismissing them as quickly as possible because 1) I had a sick baby at home and 2) I wasn’t prepared for work (see #1). I even canceled a class, which I never do, so I could hold her for hours on end. It was a scary week. We had (have) no idea what was wrong with her and it just seemed endless with the fever.

We are going back to the doctor’s office on Tuesday, so we are hoping for improvement and maybe some more answers there.

It was a long, sleepless week.

I asked my mom if she could watch Amelia for a day this weekend so I could clean house, get my classes set and work done, and well, breathe for a minute. In my cleaning frenzy, I came across this picture!


It was taken at a local park on the day before Easter. The picture was put in the city’s newspaper the following week! Isn’t that cute?! I can’t believe how different Missy looks right there! Like a little baby! And look at those wrists! And where is her neck? And those piggies are hardly there.