Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 weeks old already?!

This week has already been eventful for miss Amelia. She had her 2 month well-baby checkup.
She weighed in at 10 lbs even and is almost 23 inches long! This puts her in the 25th percentile for weight (up from the 5th!)and 50th for height (from the 25th)--she's grown 4 inches already!

After having a very long, difficult weekend, our little family was handed a dose of relief when Amelia was diagnosed with reflux disease. This is reflux that damages the throat. Certainly no relief to hear that your baby has an illness, there was huge relief in hearing that she can be treated and that the screaming in pain might actually have an end. . . After already having dealt with her infected colon, we had *almost* begun to wonder if maybe we just have a miserable baby.

We are still cautious, but it appears that we have a new baby already! Her doc wrote an Rx for Prevacid and fought to get it covered--and since then, she appears so much happier. She is eating better, sleeping better, and smiling more. Yesterday was the first day that she smiled more than she cried. It felt like the clouds had parted to let in the sun on our home. It's been a dark time the last 6 weeks and it finally feels like a new day.

In other news, Amelia also got her first round of vaccinations this week. We thought that we would be pros to listening to her cry (see above), but the shots were hard on all of us. Daddy, Mommy, and baby alike cried with each poke.

Here she is ready to see Dr. Emge!! (She FINALLY fits into this 0-3 mos dress!)

And here is the result :-(

They can put Bugs Bunny on all the Band-aids they want, but they don't look any less pathetic.

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