Friday, May 28, 2010

Vacation weary

Too worn out by the sun, sand, water, kid to post much. It's kinda sad that we're leaving tomorrow and kinda great too. The crazies have moved into town for the holiday weekend and the beach was packed today. We've so enjoyed having it to ourselves all week.

Tonight, our walls are rattling from the music of the college kids who've moved in next door. Predicting a long drive tomorrow.

Anyway just had a funny story to share. Yesterday Amelia was running around like the maniac she is and when Justin tried to catch her she tripped over his hand and fell. She half laughed and half cried. Justin asked her where she landed and what hurt. She squeezed her meaty cheeks and said "cheek!" with a whine. "Your cheek? Alright Then you're good! That's the best possible place for you to fall" he replied with a chuckle.

There aren't too many places on that little body with more cushion.

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