Sunday, June 20, 2010


When I first met and began dating Justin, he told me immediately that he couldn't wait to be a father. Even at 21 amidst the dumbass college years, he was very much a husband/dad type in so many ways. It was daunting that he was a father-to-be and I was a professor-to-be trying to find our ways to an intersection. Fast-forward 11 years and he's lived up to my initial instincts about him. He is an amazing daddy. Words like that get thrown around easily I know, but I find myself not only grateful and proud that he's my partner and co-parent but also a bit envious of our daughter, who has the world's greatest dad. Every little girl should have a daddy like Justin. I think women in our society could be a lot better off having their first male influence cut from Justin's cloth. He never has to tell her that she can do anything she wants because he just teaches her instead. He can't wait to throw the football around with her but thinks she is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. He tells her she's brilliant and expects amazing things from her but expects to cheer for and love her no matter of her chosen path. He will teach her to value and stand up for herself while also giving the hug and wiping the tears. He doesn’t want her to be a princess, but to be independent and strong while also teaching her unconditional love and unending support.

She's a lucky girl, that Amelia.

They make a pretty great pair.

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Mommy D said...

That was beautiful and Amelia is suure one lucky sweet little girl! Crazy how fast they grow huh?! More amazing is how we grow and change as parents right along with them....

Happy Father's Day!!