Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy People

Amelia had the most fantastic birthday party! My heart ached with happiness watching her have such a great time. She absolutely "got" the whole concept of the party carrying on in her honor. She showed all of her friends her new house and just had a blast. I can't really describe how exciting it was for her mama to watch the whole thing. She's growing up, that girl. And I most adore watching it all unfold.
The blogging problem in the way of this here post is that we are now on vacation and therefore I can't post the full recap--yet. If I had a more modern than a dinosaur laptop I could post adequately, but you see, I don't. In fact, I'm teaching an insane THREE classes in only 8 weeks this summer hoping to buy said non-Dino machine. AND if we weren't complete and total lunatics who drove 9 hours for a 6 day vacation the morning after our kid's second birthday party, I could've posted from home. But we really are that crazy. So I didn't.
Here she is on our sun deck after arriving last night.

She looks good at the beach, no? On a sidenote, she did pretty well on the drive down. Yet I wouldn't recommend that plan to anyone--a loooong drive with a newly potty-trained, newly 2 toddler is . . . Um, well, challenging. Perhaps more accurately, it's crazy.

In any case, I plan on blogging from my phone while here and then with full picture updates when we get home. Including a full dedication to A's party. Remind me to describe her face when everyone sang to her. Priceless. I shall never forget it.

In the meantime, I leave you with some colorful tidbits.

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The Bowlings said...

Rainbow jello shots?? ;) Can't wait to see all of the pics of adorable little miss! Have a blast on vacation!

Mommy D said...

Yay! Happy Belated Birthday Amelia!!!

Enjoy your vaca....