Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach Bug

We are having a great time on vacation in San Clemente-- the best beach town in California. Amelia luuuuurves the beach and plays in the water until her skin hives and her lips turn blue. We have to chase her away from the waves just to warm up
for a minute. We've done nothing beyond sitting on the sand for hours on end, playing under the umbrella and sharing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We come back to our apartment for naptime and then back to the beach until dinner. On downtimes, we sit and play on the 8' x 8' sundeck watching the trains go by and listening to the waves roll in.

It's fabulous.

We're looking for jobs.

I've been taking lots of pics with my real cam, but some from my phone too. The others will have to wait in lieu of iPhone shots.

Beach bound!

View from our deck. Not too shabby.

Somebody is very serious about her sand play. She said she was making sand cookies.

Blue lips and hives. Lol

Amelia, do you like the beach?

Sunset, socal style.

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