Friday, May 21, 2010

Amelia is two.

Amelia had a superb birthday! We got off to celebrate early, let her pick lunch, and unveiled among the best gifts I’ve ever seen a kid receive. She blew out her candles, ate cake, and had an otherwise just awesome day.

It’s rather late and this mama is weary from all the excitement of the day, capped by a late-night grocery run for somebody’s party, and the blogging juices have run dry of late, but I just couldn’t let her birthday go undocumented. That can only mean one thing---lots of pictures and not a lot of commentary! woot! Isn’t that why anyone comes here anyway?

I shall try (I mean try) to not talk endlessly about the day she was born because quite frankly, that’s what I could go on and on about.

Happy Birthday to ME!DSCN1959

TWO! And Peace my brothers and sisters.


We spent the morning at Fairy Tale Town after deciding that a bounce house was too germy with sweaty, sticky kids a mere 3 days before her big bash. Then we looked at each other and smiled in deep appreciation of our shared paranoid neuroses.

There are so many fun things to do/see/play at FTT! I’ve never been and was impressed with how perfect it was for tots! Amelia feigned her shyness at first, but was running around like a wild banshee by the time we left, so it was safe to say she LOVED it. 

You mean Teepee isn’t just for toilet paper? 


She most particularly loves the animals. Naturally. I love you sheep. Come kiss me!





Uh. Oh. I’ve seen this face before. From this angle it looks like. It’s just exactly the same as . . . oh no. I have to.

memory stick 5.25 299

Oh my. Precious. Love.

Okay, I’ll pretend to recover and keep moving.

Fairy Tale Town should just rename itself as “Photo Op Heaven”


Hey! My piggies don’t fit in this thing!







We had a really good time! I took so many pictures, I’ll have to dedicate an entire post to our FTT visit. And we will definitely be going back! At $4 per adult, what a deal!

Lunch was Missy Pant’s choice.


Pizzy, pizzy!

Okay and then there’s The Gift. Yeah, we gave Amelia a few cool 2-year-old gifts. An awesome dump truck, new Ladybug Girl book, Bubble maker thingamajig, and a couple other small things. But there is something else. Something that was the brain child of her parents beginning several months ago.  It required blue prints. And a design aesthetic. And a lot of sweaty Dad work. Just like FTT, it shall get its own post very soon. It deserves it! But here’s a sneak peek. . .


Yes. Those are shingles. In case you were wondering.

Finally, Amelia was as pleased as punch when we sang the Happy Birthday Song to her. She LOVES that song and sings it pretty well too.


AND I had to double back to the kitchen to get the second candle! Holy Mother, she’s TWO.

It just makes me think back to . . . I just can’t help myself.


Oh for Pete’s sake. I’ve made it all day with a single tear. My sweet angel. Two. *choke*

Okay, focus.





Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl, Baby Love, Sweet Angel, Bug, Preciousness, Sweet Love, Punks, Squirt, Darlin, Missy Pants, and Punkin Pie. You’ve made it all so complicated and exhausting and silly and joyous. You’ve defined my spirit and tickled my soul. You’ve created a new me as I try to guide a great you. You are my life, my love, my heart, my soul, and my daughter. You have no idea, Love, that I still smell your hair when I hold you, that I still see my first sight of you when I close my eyes, and that without you there wouldn’t be much of me.

memory stick 5.25 273


The Bowlings said...

Now you're going to make me cry! Amelia is an absolute doll! The whole thing is surreal at times, isn't it?!

I'm so glad she (and you guys) had an awesome birthday together. She is one lucky girl! <3

meganjonandmolly said...

Choke * Sigh...
couldn't make it through that post without tears