Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wouldn't you know it?

I came home from school Tuesday feeling an exhiliration and confidence not experienced recently. I drove home thinking to myself, "I can do this!" It was nice to be back in the classroom and on the campus I love, complete with the guitar-playing circle in the quad--just where I left it. The morning went great and Justin and I made the switch as soon as I got home. It was a good day, though I was exhausted. . . and wouldn't you know it? Our kid, the precious, sweet girl who has slept through the night beuatifully since, well, I complained about her sleep on this very blog. . . she woke up at 11:15. And stayed up until 2! I managed to about an hour and a half of sleep in that 22 hour period and woke up yesterday with much to do for my online classes. My "I can do it" cries faded into whisper, a wimper, and finally into a mockery of my first-day confidence. I believe the wicked ways of the teeth are upon us again, but only time will tell.

Onto the child. . .

We saw our friends Megan and Molly this week! Amelia, having had her shots the day before and losing her mommy to a group of students as well as missing a nap, was a little out of sorts. She pretty much looked at Molly like this the whole time they were together:

I wonder if she's an introvert? This is a common face when she's around new friends--and this after Molly ran over, said "hello!" and gave Amelia a toy!

Hm. What do you see in this picture?

Look closer

In all truthfulness, she's been an escape artist since the first time a nurse *tried* to swaddle her in the hospital, so we can't exactly color ourselves surprised or anything. Although it does make her crib look like a cell when she does that. She thinks she's soooo funny.

Is it possible that a baby can be too close to her puppies?

Yes. She picks things up with her mouth.

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