Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shiny, Happy Baby

I try not to post nekkid pics of Amelia for fear that they might dampen her presidential campaign with some embroiled scandal. . . but I just can't resist. She's in a chunkalicious stage right now that is too scrumptious to ignore.

WARNING: Pinching the screen is strictly prohibited.


Mommy D said...

Don't stress about the naked baby pics... I think I have more pictures of my child running around naked than I do of him clothed! Enjoy the chunky baby stage and take as many pics as you can! Love the blog by the way!!!!

Amelia said...

Yes, well, it's not that I mind TAKING the naked pics---it's in the publishing that concerns me. I can't imagine if one of my students found a naked pic of me as a baby . . . and THANKS!!! lol