Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Wrap Up

Amelia's first Christmas has come and gone and here we sit in the year that she'll turn one, learn to walk, and begin to speak. The New Year served as a perfect reminder of how different our lives are compared to this time last year. In bed by 11:30, hoping that the baby would sleep through the night (she didn't. of course.), and anxiously awaiting disturbances caused by any neighborhood hooligans. It's all so weird, how we turn into our parents without even noticing.

Christmas, despite my excitement, was clouded by a nasty cold for Justin and I, and a healthy dose of drama to boot. All told, we still managed a decent day, just not what I would call "magical" by any means. The good news is that Amelia didn't know the otherwise. . .

Good morning Punkin!

Look at all my new stuff! Must do mouth check.

Ninja baby! (aka--what Daddy does with a headband)
Mommy's fave pic of the whole day: All the babies enjoying their toys. . . by chewing on them. . .

This is the good stuff.

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