Monday, January 26, 2009

The Irony of Amelia

Though I am sure there will be many, Amelia's current irony is the inability to put a cheerio in her mouth. (To be honest, we use Trader Joe Oh's.) Considering the baby child puts damn near everything conceivable (and many things not so conceivable) in her mouth, it's a cruel twist of fate that won't allow her to get actual food in there. Well maybe not so much a twist of fate as much as a developing Pincer Grasp (the ability to pick something up between thumb and forefinger).

It goes like this: Amelia picks up an Oh between her thumb and finger. It rolls into the "o" formed by said fingers. She brings the whole thing to her mouth. Opens mouth. Shoves fingers in mouth. Oh sticks to fingers. Begins chewing. Removes hand. Drops Oh. OH! Dogs run over. Dogs eat Ohs.


She is getting better and lands her Ohs about 50% of the time. Ohs are really just a hop, skip, and a row of teeth away from table foods. I can't believe we are here already. . .

Speaking of teeth, do you think Amelia is teething?

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