Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A momentous day for the books

This post was originally written on 1/20 but I didn't have time to load pics and all. . . and well, you know what time does to a person. Remember me talking about missing the little things once work kicked in? I guess we can count the blog as the first official collateral damage. bah.

You know what I'm talking about--Amelia turns 8 months old today! (And you thought I was talking about our new president! He deserves a shout out--the Inauguration was amazing and I feel so fortunate that my baby was here to witness the event.)

Today, Amelia is around 19 pounds (yowza!), still blue eyed (I think they'll stay!), and getting a thick mane of soft, light brown hair with golden and auburn hues that sweeps across her forehead in the perfect bang swoosh. She has two bottom teeth that she loves to show as she wrinkles her nose. She sits up and digs through her toy bucket, quietly entertaining herself for long periods. She can get from Point A to Point B without batting an eye and without any one particular mode of transportation. She's beginning to realize that her body offers freedom when manipulated properly. She can pull her knees under her and push up on her arms, but not yet at the same time. It's only a matter of days before it all comes together and everything in our world changes. She loves smiling at strangers and blowing raspberries at anyone who talks to her, but has developed separation sadness and reached out for me from a friend's hold this weekend for the first time. She babbles constantly, moving through her constinents, gagas, nanas, babas, mamas, and dadas. It all sounds like practice and unintentional, until I realized that whenever she's whining, all she says is, "maaaaaaaamaaaaaa." Today, I passed her on to Justin and she started whining and saying, "mamamamama." (To be fair, I'd been at work, so she was missing me and hungry more than not wanting Justin.) I think she's making the connection there. All told, she's exactly as she should be now that she's been out of my body for as long as she was in it and only 4 short months before turning one. ONE!

Now that it's been 4 months since she began feeling better, I suppose I'll have to come to grips with our experience and put pen to paper (fingertips to keyboard?) about it all. Someday. Soon. I suppose.

In any case, here's to 2/3 of a year!

Photo disclaimer: I usually try to get pics each month that demonstrate her at that moment, whether it's holding something or sitting or smiling, her newest skills are front and center. This month, I tried and tried to get a great pic, but to no avail. Not only was I trying to take pics between getting home after one class and leaving for another, but the child does not sit still! Does. Not. Sit. Still! In the end, I realize that her running away from half the shots
is her newest skill. Doesn't make for great pics, but that never stopped me before!

And one, two, feeeeel the burn!


Michael & Amie said...

Ha! Taylor gets in this EXACT position right now (I think she is trying to sit up on her own), but we call it her "leg lifts". LOVE it! She's such a cutie!

Amelia said...

Isn't it funny how they are doing the same things? I love that!