Monday, September 29, 2008

All Hail The Magic Boobies!

We went to the doctor today for Amelia's 4 month well baby checkup. It was the first time that we've been to the pedi's office without major problems to discuss in the past three months. It was also the end of the longest stretch of time that we've gone without going to see the doc. All good things. Dr. Emge greeted us with "How's my favorite family doing?" It was so nice to see her and to have good news for her. We've developed a close relationship with her and she's personally interested in the well-being of Miss Amelia, which is super fab.
Anyway, the stats from today: 15.5 lbs, 24 in. She is in the 75th percentile for weight and 50th for height and head size. Since her height has leveled off, it looks like she is in for a growth spurt very soon. Considering she started at 5th percentile in weight and 25th for height, we are doing great! I can't believe that she has not only caught up, but grown past others in her age group. "That's a nursing baby" the doctor said. She told us that she loves Amelia's chubby thighs and cheeks and that she looks like the picture of health. She even had a negative diaper test, indicating no blood in her stool. . . and I can't help but feel a personal victory over the whole shabang. All of the hard work and commitment to go dairy free, to nurse through the mastitis, and miss hours of sleep have paid off--and even Dr. Emge remarked that she is proud of us for continuing to pursue breast feeding through all of our hardships. Maybe they are magic boobies like Daddy says (in regards to breast feeding and nothing else for you pervs out there!).
The doctor also confirmed my instincts that there is NOT a tooth in babygirl's gums--that it is a dental calcium buildup or something like that but not a tooth. I didn't think so despite that every mom I know said otherwise. It just didn't add up for me, but now I can breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe a couple more months to go on that. Hopefully anyway.

We also had a very busy weekend taking our little one out. We actually attended social events with success, which was a relief and just plain fun. Amelia really hasn't met a lot of our friends. At a BBQ Saturday, several people remarked what a mellow baby she is. I almost spit out my drink. If only they knew how we got here! She's done so great with sleep training that we paid the price for keeping her out a little past her bedtime and vowed to not do that anymore. It's not fair since she is so successful with her schedule to mess it up on her. yuck. But we learned, so that's good. We also had visits from both of my parents this weekend (twice from Grammy), so everyone is getting a slice of this happy baby. So fun.

We visited with Jessie and cutie pie Ian this week. She checked him out but wasn't that into it and I understand. Boys will only lead to trouble! lol Here she is thinking, "You know, I'm going to have a career!"

Here she is at the doctor's office in her newest duds. Yes, that's argyle and dark denim. Yes she looks effortlessly preppy. Yes I have problems.

And on the way home after stoooopid shots. My sweet precious holding on to her blankie. I love how her cheeks sag when she sleeps.

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