Saturday, September 20, 2008

I have a 4-month old

I can't even believe it. Though I have often sat and cried and wished for Amelia to get bigger and older and wondered if she would be a newborn forever, I now find myself in awe that four months have passed since she was born. It's so paradoxical in that it seems in some ways like it was just yesterday. Let's face it, four months is not that long of a time. . . and yet in other ways, it's been a lifetime already.

We have some good things in the works these days, but will not speak of them for fear of the blog curse. Everytime we gush here on the Amelia blog, we get slapped in the face with our own hopeful ignorance. Maybe a month from now, we'll have something to gush about.

At four months, our baby is getting bigger and bigger every day. She's huge! Can't wait to get the official stats at Dr. Emge's office next week. She is beginning to unclench her little fists to touch things--or more accurately, to grab things and slam them into her mouth. She isn't really chewing anything (good thing cuz momma is not ready for teeth!) or even sucking. She just likes to lick everything and feel her way around through her tastes. This means more and more drool too. . . All of her weight appears to go straight to her thighs, the poor girl. She is skinny in the tummy, but wide in the thighs, lol. She is eating less often but more at a time and has become more selective about her smile. Every little toy and face made her smile a month ago, but now she is more skeptical and really has to feel you to pass it around. It's like she understands that it's gold to everyone who talks to her and doesn't want to be haphazard with something so precious.

Our baby girl is also this close ----------| |------------ to rolling over. We thought for sure it was happening today, but not quite. Soon enough for sure! Can't wait to catch it on film!!

So that's us today, four months after rushing to the hospital in a bewildered panic at 230 in the morning.

Some pics to celebrate the 1/3 birthday!

I can hold my own sign this month!

I can eat my own sign this month!. Oh and I can kick off my shoes too!

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Michael & Amie said...

She's so cute, Gena! Hope you guys are doing well, I think of you often!