Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Like a Rolling Stone. . .

My baby gathers no moss!

That's right, she ROLLED! It happened yesterday. She was smiley and happy all day--even in the evening--so a good day for a major event. Anyway, I put her on her tummy and immediately knew that we were on the verge of a breakthrough. I didn't want to grab the camera in case I missed it. So she teetered . . . and tottered . . . to her right with the left arm coming off the ground until the left leg kicked up and she just . . . leaned. . . and PLOP! She was on her back! WOOT WOOT! She just blinked really fast and opened her eyes wide and then let out the biggest grin! I thought she might cry from surprise but she was so proud of herself and relieved to not be on her belly anymore. The puppies heard me yelling and clapping and ran in to join the celebration, dancing around us and licking Amelia's toes. It was a big moment for all of us!

Then milestone Tuesday continued. I decided to peek in at her gums because she's had an inordinate amount of drool this week. When she got off her tummy, her little mat was soaked through, so I looked. On the bottom gum, not quite in the center, I saw it--a white dot. I felt it and it wasn't sharp, but hard. I am still at a loss a bit on this one. It doesn't look like a middle tooth, which is where they come in first--and she hasn't had any other symptoms besides the drooling and hand chomping (which are both common for this age). And hello! She's only FOUR months old!! And technically, she is closer to three months since she was early, so WTH?! I am still choosing to be in denial. I'm not ready for teeth and it simply can't be one. She's too young and hasn't shown any other signs that this was coming. I figured she would be sick with teeth since 1) I was sick with teeth and 2) she's been sick with everything else. So that's that. I like her gummy grin and we are only just now getting to see it more often, so boo on teeth.

Later, on the phone with my mom/Amelia's grammy, discussing the-thing-that-we-aren't-calling-a-tooth, I realized that Babygirl was smiling big and making noise. Then I realized that she was laughing! She's done a tiny chuckle here and there, but this was a real laugh! I think she was laughing at me trying to see into her mouth because I am sure I looked like an idiot. She definitely won that game because her tongue was like the goalie, keeping me out at all costs.

All on a single Tuesday. phew. Now that she is 4 months, I think she is really going to be learning new things every day. She'll be scooting and sitting and crawling before we know it. And unlike a tooth, I won't be able to deny any of that.

I don't have any pics of my girl's new tricks (but will soon!), so here is one from the weekend that I forgot to post last time. She'll either love it and take it away to college with her or hate it and stuff it into the I-can't-believe-how-embarrassing-my-parents-are-box when she gets older.

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