Monday, September 22, 2008

Gratuitous pics

Not much new to report today. The new medication appears to be working (fingers crossed!) and we are really working on sleep training Amelia. Getting a good night's sleep makes her a happier baby--no matter how hard the process is to get her there. So far so good on that front.
She has discovered her thumb in the last couple days too. She has a hard time getting it into her mouth just right, but when she does, it's like magic! Most of the time though, she gags herself or pokes her eyes out with the other fingers. Such is the life of a 4 month old!

I don't know this lady who looks nothing like me!

Bon jour! And how would you like that cooked?

FINALLY! A pic that shows those lashes (they're much better in person!)

All the G girls

It's a framer! Our family.

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