Monday, October 6, 2008

It's October!

While it may not be that big of a deal to most, we are beyond excited that it's fall. Not really because fall is so great--although it really is, especially for those of us who chose to live like students forever--but because we are getting a chance to actually have a season. A month ago, I would never have thought that we'd be enjoying fall. I mean, summer was a no-go. I completely missed the entire season. One day, Justin mentioned that he was sick of the heat and I asked, "has it been hot?" Not to mention that we actually had the time to put out our Halloween decorations and enjoy the weather this weekend. When it's far enough in the past, I will blog about the times we've had in depth, but for now, just know that I honestly believed that I would miss at least an entire year blinded in misery. So having a lovely October weekend was much more than it seemed.

It's also been a full year since we found out that Amelia (or our Little Monkey as we called her back then) was on her way. It's so crazy that you can decide you want a baby and then a year later, you have a 4.5 month old. Somebody should warn you about that.

Went to another BBQ this weekend and it went well enough. Amelia plopped out her pouty lip as soon as we got there so the hour and a half that we stayed was impressive. She really gets overwhelmed in groups and hates people getting in her face (as do I, so I can't blame her). She doesn't smile much and just checks everything out while sucking on both hands and in total suspicion of her surroundings. The party was outside, which I didn't expect, but it provided an opportunity to pull out this little number:

I made it a couple weeks ago. It didn't go with her sweater, but it was chilly, so it came in handy. I think she rocked it pretty well too.

While we're on the speak of craftiness, I also made this yesterday:

I am going back to work (kinda) in a few weeks, so I like the idea of wearing her name on my chest. The possibilities for an obsessive mother (and really, isn't that redundant?) are endless. I am already knitting a sweater to match her hat and rubbing my little mitts together in anticipation of all the scarves, hats, bags, and whatnot there are in store for this little sweetness. Oh, the friendship bracelets we will make!!

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