Monday, October 20, 2008

Punkins for the Punkin

Big weekend!

Amelia went from tiny chuckles to huge, belly laughs literally overnight--and we caught it all on video! We laughed until we cried and then cried because of her laugh. I've spent too many minutes trying to get the video uploaded, but need a new cable. :-( Otherwise, this would have been the best post ever. We've watched the footage a million times over and laughed and cried every time.

Then we fed Amelia her first food! She of course spit it out and made a mess. It's her job I suppose, as a new eater. Though I was a little shocked that she appeared to hate it. Her face looked like we'd given her raw anchovies. She looked almost betrayed, despite that we mixed her cereal with breast milk so it'd be familiar. Like good first-time parents, we got it on record. Today went better but only a little, so there's hope. We bought a high chair yesterday, so there's no turning back now!

Then today we made a trip to the Punkin Patch. We found the coolest Pumpkin Farm not too far from us. It had hay rides, a petting zoo, loads of pumpkins, snacks, a playground, and on and on. Super cool and definitely a place that we'll look forward to for years to come!

And guess who's 5 months old today? I can't even believe it. I can't even believe where we were for the first 4 months compared to now! It's so awful that the first 4 months literally felt like a decade (indeed my body and mind feel 10 years older at least), and yet the last month has flown by. I used to see moms with 6-12 month olds and wish I was them. Now that Amelia is only a month away from her half birthday, I can't believe how fast she's growing and changing and how quickly her infant days will be by us. I just know that it will be only a couple tomorrows before I find myself planning a birthday party and wondering where my baby has gone.

What does that punkin say?

The traditional shot. . .

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