Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The muse. . .

I have a confession. I am a Crafty. Yep, the kind that peruses the aisles of Michaels with my coupons, looking for the perfect yarn for the perfect pattern, etc. It doesn't stop there, but I won't bore you with the rest. It's rather embarrassing really, the unlimited scope of my interests in all things craft. I am absolutely the kind of person who looks at something cute and says, "I'm not paying for that when I can make it myself." As if I am living amidst the Great Depression (oh wait. . .), I save materials to make them into other materials and refuse to pay for something hand-crafted even if made by hands far more talented than my own.

This obsession of mine has only increased ten (thousand)-fold since having Amelia. One of my secret reasons that I secretly wanted a daughter was because of all the cool things I could make a little girl. The possibilities seemed endless. Don't even get me started!! Just wait until that baby child is school-aged and has a scarf to match her little cardigan as she carries a jar of homemade jam to her teacher. oy to the vey.

Recently, I asked my internet-turned-real friend Amie where she gets miss Taylor's adorable dresses like this. She replied "Etsy of course!" Etsy is the website of all things crafty. That is, if you want to sell or buy something handmade, Etsy is the place! To me, it's a lot like Ross online. You have to sift through a lotta crap to get what you want. Amie though, is extremely talented at finding good etsy things, as she has pointed me in the direction of things time and again. The dresses are called Pillowcase dresses and are ridiculously adorable. I wanted something similar for Amelia, but a little different. Most notably without the bows on the shoulders. Y'all know by now that I'm not really into the adornment thing. In my search, I found this dress.
(Link to the shop here)

It's exactly what I want! So cute. So I decide to go on search for a pattern for this dress rather than pony up the cash for the one you see here.

The catch? I don't sew, you see.

That's okay though because my mom DOES! See how nicely that works? I bought the pattern, searched for the fabric and spent a day with my mom last weekend. Guess what came out of it all?

I hereby declare three things:
1) I shall learn to sew. Immediately.
2) There will be more Pillowcase Dresses in Amelia's future. There WILL be. And perhaps some for every other baby girl child we know. Or have known. Or will know. Or have never known.
3)All of the possibilities swimming about my tiny pool of brains for these dresses in all varieties can't possibly ever come to fruition. Yet I shall try. We. I mean we seeing as I don't sew and all.

Oh and Amelia shall never again wear that hat with that dress. But that's four things, I suppose.


Mommy D said...

Such a cute dress! I wish I knew how to sew but I'm in the same boat that my mom knows how so I usually throw it on her... I LOVE Etsy!! I had a Mei Tei front carrier made for me by a lovely woman on that site and it is the cutest, most functional carrier I've owned... Happy dress making!

Sha and Michelle said...

awww I like the hat with the dress!!!

p.s. Annie wants a dress if you decide to do another contest with a dress as a give away!! hint hint!!!

meganjonandmolly said...

Koodos to your mama!

And btw...speaking of crafty, wait til you see the canopy that my sister and 2 nephews made for M for her bday--hula hoop, clothes pins, butterflies...that is all I'm saying. You gotta come see it! Playdate soon?