Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Official

Amelia went from stumbling a few steps a day to up and walking across the room overnight. On Father's Day to be exact. She stood up and across the room she went. Four days later, she was walking more than crawling and by this weekend, she began a rapid stumble-walk. Otherwise known as running.

Is that enough of an excuse for my absence of late? I am suffering from extreme bloggers' block as well as stuck in a grind of a schedule. I assume it will pass shortly.

My days consist of the following routine: up, breakfast, walk, play, nap (for her, not me!), up, lunch, pool, play, nap, up, snack, play, Daddy's home! Just when I think I am going to collapse, Justin comes in the door. And then . . . and THEN I go off to work! Nothing like teaching 3.5 hours each night to do a gal in. Summer school should be easy right? Please tell that to the NINETY students I have!! blah. Back to the schedule: drive to work, grade papers, teach, blab at students after class, drive, eat, bed.

How do you like that? It's like the movie Groundhog Day. And does anyone see in that schedule a place to blog? Please advise. Thank you.

More soon. Hopefully.

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