Friday, June 5, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fuh-un

Ooooohhh, Girls just wanna have fun, fun, Girls. . . That's all they really waaaaaaaaant.

oops. Forgive me. It's infectious like that--my girl Cyndi.

Anyway, it all actually has a point which is this:

We *may* have had 80s dress-up day yesterday. The weather was poopey-face and we couldn't go to the pool. What are two girls to do?

We *may* also have stood outside and talked to our neighbors for half an hour without remembering that we were rockin the side pony. Ahem--may have. Amelia had plenty of things to say about the whole shabang too. Naturally. She IS my child after all. Not that I'm wordy or anything. Not that I talk a lot either. That would be silly. I know when to stop. I do. In any case, she has her own language that is pretty hilarious.


Michael & Amie said...

O.M.G I LOVE it!! I need to squeeze her!

meganjonandmolly said...

That is too precious!!