Monday, June 8, 2009

The Classic Mind-Over-Feet Battle

Amelia can walk. She can. I've seen her take over 5 steps on her own without any trouble. The problem? The child won't do it. She will NOT walk! She is perfectly capable in terms of development and strength (honestly, you should see those thighs!), but her little heart is just not there yet. She wants to. My heavens, she WANTS to walk! But there is something stopping her. That something is fear. Amelia is a little fraidy cat! Always careful and calculated, walking is just too much of a leap for her still. It probably feels scary being so far from the ground (a full 30 inches according to her last appointment!) and only using two limbs. Not to mention that she tends to favor speed over innovation. That is, crawling is so much more efficient for her.
She stands alone in the middle of the room without prompting. She also can lean over and pick something off the ground and stand back up without ever holding on to anything. She can push her little walking toy across the room and walk her way around every piece of furniture in the house. When it comes to just letting go and making a run for it, she . . . doesn't. I can be one foot away from her and she will still drop down to crawl to me.
How do I know it's fear and a mental block above all else? Well, she will walk when she doesn't know she's walking. If we hold something in front of her that she wants, she will walk to it without realizing what she's doing!

I am positive that she will go from this to running as soon as she realizes the revolutionary world that lays before her via biped transportation.
Truth be told, I am perfectly comfortable to have the careful, deliberate baby. Much more desirable than the daredevil, destruct-o kid. And truth be told, I am ready for this baby child to set off on her own feet too. She's heavy and squirmy and her little knees could use the rest.

Any bets on how long before she gets there?

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Mommy D said...

Luke was just like that! He was just far too cautious to bother making the attempt to walk when crawling was so much faster and safer... Then he went from taking few steps here and there to full out running!

I give her 2 months TOPS!!!