Friday, June 19, 2009

The Catatonic Defense

Amelia has the most effective defense strategy of all time. When something really creeps her out, she goes totally catatonic. She stares off at nothing and won't respond to any amount of cajoling. She doesn't even blink if it's a really serious situation. It has, at times, come on so suddenly that I thought she was having a seizure or something . . . which would sound funny except that there was that one time last August. . . Seriously though, it's like a super power. There is no getting through to her once she's slipped into the catatonic booth, so to speak. Once the offending situation is resolved, she snaps right out of it and back into her human personality again. So brilliant, really. . . and yet so very weird too.

In any case, when digging around for the pics of this of the mightiest defenses, I realized that there was something in common among them.

I shall post a series per catatonic appearance (outbreak?) so you can see the true affect.

Case file #1

Case File # 2

And Case File #3, the most convincing piece of evidence.

That last one is serious proof of the catatonic defense. I swear to high heaven that those are three different pictures! You can tell that the situation was particularly dire in that she didn't even move her arm. Maybe the Catatonic Defense can upgrade to the Statue Maneuver in case of serious danger. Such as the Easter Bunny.

This kid is seriously strange. . . and lawd do I love it.

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