Thursday, July 9, 2009

Independence Day Wrap-Up, Part I: Rookie Move

We traveled a long distance to be with the extended family over the holiday weekend. After a devastating loss this year, I think we all longed to make more memories with one another and feel the security of family wrapped around our shoulders.
For our little family, we could not wait to get Amelia to the beach! We have waited for this weekend for a LONG time, talking about taking The Baby to the ocean before we even knew who The Baby was. The beach is kinda our place. We vacation at the beach every year (ahem, except last year), got engaged at the beach, and later married on the beaches of Mexico. We dream of retiring near the California coast, with our lab pups in tow to fetch sticks out of the waves.
We decided on our first morning in Grover Beach that we'd go on our usual morning walk, but to take the route to the beach. Let Amelia see the water before she gets to play in it later, we thought. I brought my camera for the moment of introduction and we all set out, gabbing with my mom and Aunt Sharon along the way.
This is where it's important to say that I am an over-prepared mama. Always. I have blankets, changes of clothes, diapers galore, snacks, you name it--and they are in my purse at all times. However, on this morning, we were just out for a walk, AND Justin was with us (who complains incessantly about all the crap I carry about), so we set off with nothing more than a key to our beach house and our Starbucks cups in hand.

Now I ask you this. What in sam hell was I thinking? Amelia took one look at the ocean and that was it.

She plopped right down in the watery sand. No matter how hard we tried to keep her from the water, she returned, pulling her hands away from ours and running. The love affair had begun for her too.
While I sat there and worried about her diaper exploding, her (only) pants getting dirty, and her little body getting too cold, she played in the sand, loving every minute of it. (On a side note, isn't that the big difference with having your own babies? If I'd seen another baby in this same situation, I would have thought, "how cute. That baby loves the beach--look at her play." With my own child, I felt the Bad Mommy pressure of not having enough clothes or even bringing a change of diaper! For Shame!)
Oh good lawd!

For the walk home:

Excuse me, where is that baby child's pants?

Other pics from the morning meet-up.

Oh, my poor, aching heart.

Daddy to Amelia: "This is a Sand Dollar" Amelia to Sand Dollar: "oooohhhh"

New Mommy Fave.


Michael & Amie said...

LOVE her. I really do.

Mary said...

Lucky you - you've got a beach baby too! Living at the Jersey Shore year-round, we've been hitting the beach a few times a week since April. I did the same thing the first few times - brought everything but the kitchen sink with me :) Luckily now, I've got beach packing down to a science! And my kid LOVES it!