Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Trip to the Mailbox

Amelia’s officially a toddler. In all essences of the word, I mean. Tall for her age (and therefore able to reach high) and exceptionally inquisitive, she is um, everywhere. All at once, it seems. Becoming acquainted with the range of mature emotions must certainly be frustrating and as the world gets bigger to her, she’s both pushing the boundaries of independence and clinging to me like never before. Her favorite move is to get herself in front of me and wrap both arms around both of my legs, smash her head between my shins, and look up at me whining, hanging, desperate for a moment of snuggles before she insists on getting back to the ground so she can run away.

We go get the mail together everyday.

It’s an experience. Here’s the mail tale.

Cool, plants.




I must sit to investigate.


What mail?


Oh right, MAIL! Bye!


Wait, Mama. (that is NOT our yard btw)


I’m coming!


And I don’t have brakes.


That’s better.  I think I need a ride the rest of the way.


The End.


The best part about this stage is that when we are off to the next adventure (or the next room of the house), I put my hand out, Amelia grabs it and starts walking. She walks more confidently whilst holding my fingers in hers and when she clasps my hand, she takes off. In the past couple days, she’s been sticking her hand up, waiting for me to grab it so we can be off together. It’s the sweetest thing. My favorite thing. Even if she does stop every two seconds to explore the crack in the sidewalk.


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Mary said...

She is such a doll - I love her pigtails!