Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Success. Beautiful, Glittery Success.

I never knew that getting a kids' hair cut was so complicated. Honestly, I thought that stopping by a place just for kids on say, a Monday afternoon, would be perfectly doable. You'd think I would have learned my lesson, but I figured that if Monday was an "Industry Day" off for stylists (and toy stores?), that Wednesday morning would be perfect. Silly me. We drove downtown again to this really great looking place. Very modern and hip and kid friendly. The stylist looked like someone you'd find in a high-end salon/spa and it was all very happenin in a toddler dance club kind of way. So wouldn't you know that they didn't have room for walk-ins? Yeah, apparently the kids haircut world is a fierce one and nothing can be taken for granted here.

So again (AGAIN) we called another place. It is a very old place (Justin got his first hair cut there) in a funky part of town. I knew it would be crusty and stale but also knew that this, our second attempt at a haircut for this child, had to happen. Had. To. And guess what? They had an appointment exactly 25 minutes later, which was exactly the amount of time we needed to get there.

My expectations did not disappoint. Crusty. Complete with wood paneling! Ha. It’s probably exactly as Justin left it. And you know what? Amelia loved it!


And the sweet woman there gave Amelia the complete treatment!

Before. Scraggly Baby.


She was a little nervous about the whole shampoo thing, but I think she was a little excited too.



The shampoo smelled like chocolate!

It was really weird to see her looking so grown up in the ‘salon.’


Until you look at the chair she’s in.


After the cut, she even got her hair blow-dried and styled. I’ve never seen her hair look so beautiful.



And then she got a ribbon and some ‘fairy dust’ in her hair too. She even got to pick the color.


As much as I steer clear of the over-the-top girly stuff, she was tickled with the bow and looked absolutely adorable.




They gave us a certificate with the before/after shots, the date, and a locket of her hair. So sweet.

And then off to lunch with Mama to complete the adventure.


She walked into the restaurant saying, “I am soooo pretty.”

You have no idea, Angel.


Monica said...

I think it's pretty awesome she was able to get her hair cut where her daddy did! It looks great and she looks thrilled :) Too cute!

Kristy said...

So adorable!!