Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Hair Cut That Wasn’t

It’s time for Amelia to get her first hair cut. Her hair is long and getting stringy and uneven. It needs some shape and style to go with the amazing color and texture she has. Seriously, nothing garners more attention on that child than her hair.

So we planned our day around a trip to a kids’ hair place. Printed a coupon, packed the camera and everything. Considering we’re not feeling great and it was Monday of a busy week, this plan was a big deal. We drove to East Sac to a place I’d found online. True to downtown, we had to drive around the place a couple times, park in a back alley, and walk half a block. All the while, Amelia saying, “Are we there Mama? Is this the Hair Cut Shop?”


Get to the place . . . closed. Well shit. Now what? “It’s closed Mama? But my hair is too long and it needs to get cut. I thought we were going to the Hair Cut Shop. Is this the Hair Cut Shop??”


I look up the only other kids place I know, which is closer to home but now across town from our current location. Thank heavens for the iPhone, because it turns out that the other place was CLOSED too. Shit shit.


Frantic google search of kids hair cuts yielded a positive review of a salon across from the university, a couple miles from where we were. Okay, I thought. A salon might be a little pricey, but at least she’d get a good cut—one worthy of the babychild’s amazing hair.  Back in the car and off to the next destination.

The “salon” I’d found online consisted of one guy, who was shaving a man’s neck when we walked in. I asked if they had anyone who could give her a hair cut. He looked disgusted, pointed at Amelia with his scissors and said, “HER?! You just want her bangs cut? Just straight cut?!” Um, not quite ‘first hair cut’ enough. Nevermind.


We walked out defeated and with the constant buzzing of “Am I getting my hair cut today? I need a hair cut? Any other Hair Cut Shops, mama?” We saw one more salon a few doors down, walked to the door. Closed. Seriously.

I finally spotted a learning toy shop that looked cool. Sweet, I thought. No hair cut, but at least something to do after all this driving and anticipation. Guess what? The toy shop was fucking closed too! It was like being in the Twilight Zone in a weird town where Mondays don’t exist.


Thank heaven for the tiny cafe we found in the same strip mall. “Wanna treat, Love?” To which, me sweet-spirited kid replied, “Yeaaaahhhhh.”

So there was no hair cut. Her hair is still stringy and long and shapeless. No fabulous “after” pics.

But it wasn’t a total loss. 


What hair cut?


*See the subtle shine on her cheeks? That’s dried snot.  Allergies suck. *

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Monica said...

Sheesh! Is it an unwritten salon rule that they are closed on Mondays?! Who is closed on a MONDAY?! At least you guys got a cookie out of it :)