Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Starry Night

I finally uploaded about ten million pictures from last fall through the present. This one in particular caught my eye. We went to the Festival of Lights parade in what is about to be our new town in December. It's small-town America at its best. Little faces line the streets, waiting to see Santa and the dancing glow fairies, sipping hot chocolate, and slurping candy canes with glow sticks around their necks. Parents snuggle with the their babies and worry about the cold while watching the nostalgic display of a sweet and innocent community.

Cousins. Mothers. Sisters. Daughters. 

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Monica said...

Great picture! If you haven't already head to Edelweiss, on Sacramento Street, they have various yummy, HUGE omelets :)

My husband, used to live in Newcastle (that place is lacks places to eat), and that place became our favorite breakfast place.