Sunday, February 6, 2011

Health Report 2011

Went to the doctor again yesterday. Yes, as in Saturday. It was the fourth time I’ve been to the doctor in the last month, not including prenatal appointments and the third time I was there for my own illness (once was for Amelia). Turns out that I caught a cold in November that turned into a sinus infection that went untreated for too long. Almost three months later, I’ve still got an infection—one that has attacked my throat and lungs too. Got my third round of antibiotics yesterday with the promise of my doctor that I should be 100% by the time they’re gone (two weeks).  He also gave me a breathing test and an inhaler.

Ironically, he asked me how the pregnancy is going other than being sick. My answer? I have no idea! I’ve been ill for so long that it’s all just blended together. I’ve been more miserable than I could really explain and blaming it all on just the . . . misery. I figured that I was just sick of pregnancy, stuffy from the baby and feeling crappy because there’s a whole human inside my uterus.  Truth be told, I left the doctor’s office thrilled at the diagnosis and more thrilled at the prognosis—normal in two weeks. Sick for three months, but not forever. And if that is actually true, it might actually also be TRUE that this could be a fairly reasonable pregnancy so far. If none of this is the baby’s fault, well, I’d be feeling great if I was *just* pregnant. Can you imagine?

I really can’t. Yet.

On another note, Amelia has allergies something terrible. The poor thing isn’t even three years old and already a sufferer of basically non-treatable awfulness. Her little nose is a faucet, eyes red and puffy, and head stoned by Benadryl. It’s a terrible thing, my poor Bug. “Mama, I feel sick.” I called the Advice Nurse today to see if there are any remedies I can carry out at home. I know about the BRAT diet for puking and the steam treatment for colds but nothing for allergies. And guess what the sweet nurse (who I’ve talked to many times since A was born) had in her bag of tricks?

Nothing. Oh except recommending that we go to the doctor in the next few days (AGAIN!).

The ill health continues in our house. And when health and breathing are difficult, you learn that nothing else really matters. Everything else goes on pause, you return to basics, and tend to each other.

And sometimes the basics are the only things worth worrying about.

sick bug
Sick Bug’s self portrait.


Mommy D said...

Ugh! Poor babies.... I hope you all feel better soon!!

Monica said...

My hope is that mama and babies will be well soon! The countdown begins (14 days right? :)!!!