Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Operation First Mother's Day: FAIL

Where shall I begin? It's been a long time, no? Perhaps among the longest blogging gaps yet over the past week and a half or so. I don't want to list all of the things swishing through my washer of a mind, but know that there is a lot in there. Some of it may not make it out. . . like that one sock that never has a mate, so too do my thoughts get lost in the soaking process.

However, I will tell you this--when three weeks of finals collide with party planning, illness, and family wedding whatnots, it's not pretty. And someday it will be June. Beautiful, summery, calendar-emptying June. And I shall blog in June. With clear thoughts and fewer typos, I SHALL blog in June. . .

So Mother's Day was a couple of days ago. We planned a brunch with our moms (that Grandmas respectively) and an overall pleasant Sunday. Justin had a couple surprises up his sleeve and I begged for only one thing to honor the occasion: SLEEP. I asked to sleep in and take a nap. Just the thought of it made me giddy enough to ignore the stack of exams leering in the corner.

Then Amelia got sick. Now, there is a chance that she was already sick since she'd had some feverish projectile vomiting earlier in the week. But there were a couple days in the interim where she was fine, so it's a mystery as to whether she got sick again or is dragging it out. Saturday night, she began coughing and sneezing around bedtime. She went to sleep no problem and slept until about 1. Woke up stuffy as all hell and completely miserable. She didn't go back to sleep. Ever. On Sunday, she was in a full-blown attack (of what is still a mystery) and sneezed more than any person I have ever seen with any illness. Without exaggerating, the poor baby child sneezed about every two minutes. . . for 12 hours. Snot ran down and across her face like a sprinkler. There was no catching up with it! As the day wore on, so too did the exhaustion and misery. Around 530, she vomited several times, finally releasing several huge chunks (balls?) of mucus. Yes, disgusting and scary. Within maybe 60 seconds of throwing up (accompanied by massive screaming), she collapsed on my chest and fell asleep. Her poor face was swollen, red, soggy, and just plain pathetic.

We put her to bed at 6 expecting the worst. Justin and I had already mapped out our shift schedule in 4-hour blocks so that each of us could get a little sleep and possibly survive. She woke up and cried out every 5-10 minutes or so for the first several hours and then she slept. The poor Punkin slept for 13 hours.

She is feeling better today, but still a little rattly. She is at least back to herself. She was terribly sick.

In the meantime, there was no brunch and my gift necklace--with a beautiful "A" pendant--broke. Not only was there no nap or sleeping in, but we were up for almost 24 hours.

Nobody can keep it real like Amelia. Just when I thought there was a day to rest, there was the reminder that I am still at work. Always working. My kid is just down-to-earth like that. She doesn't want me to get full of myself or lose sight of reality. Or sleep.

On the bright side, my birthday was also last week and I got a new camera! It's shiny and pretty too. I didn't go for the D-SLR just yet, but still a major upgrade with the Nikon L100. I heart. Still trying to figure out how to use it, but so far, it's taken some great pics. It has a very quick shutter speed, so I've been able to take pics that I've been trying (and failing) to get forever.

I'll leave you with a series . . .

Daily Bread: Typical Amelia on a typical morning

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Michael & Amie said...

You poor thing! And poor Miss Amelia :( I'm glad she's getting better and hopefully you've gotten some rest. Hugs Mama, and Happy Belated B-day! <3