Saturday, May 16, 2009

The "Non-Party" Party

I decided not to make myself insane with a big bash for Amelia's first bday. Family and only our closest friends with tots. In my effort to not get caught up in the birthday party tornado, I refused to plan. The party is tomorrow and now we're frantic! Even if you don't want big hoopla, you still want your guests, comfortable, full, and happy! Matching plastic silverware be damned.

Oh and the daily temperature has been steadily on the rise all week, resulting in "near-record high peak" on Sunday. Read: 103 degrees. Kinda like that week before she was born.

Such is the life of a summer baby in California.

I have to get back to the businesss at hand. That is, I have to go back to the kitchen and launch into Operation Birthday Cake . . . take FOUR! I guess the good news is that she won't care what it looks like and I have a few good years of practice before it becomes an issue. Nor is she old enough to say "Why are there two cakes and a batch of cupcakes in the garbage Mommy?"
They say the first birthday part is to commemorate the parents' survival of the first year (and wasn't it a doozie of a first year?), but if I were to really celebrate my way, I'd stick a straw in a pitcher of margaritas and not look up until that sucker was empty. Yeah, it's been THAT kind of year. And the party is only adding to the list of things I am looking forward to completing.

There will be many a pic from tomorrow's adventure, guaranteed! Picture many a toddler frolicking in a kiddie pool as their parents melt on the sidelines. It promises to be pretty cute, actually.


UPDATE: It's a bad idea to attempt your first decorated cake for your child's first birthday party late on a long Saturday. Or any time. It's a bad idea all around. It's a bad idea, I say. Unless you want the cake to be "cute" like when a three-year-old takes a crayon and scribbles a chaotic piece of crap . . . errrr "art." If you want it to look like that, then by all means carry on.


Mary said...

Good luck tomorrow - I'm sure everything will be wonderful! Happy b-day Amelia!

Sha and Michelle said...

lol. Happy Birthday Amelia! Your Poor Mom needs a few helpers it seems.

Don't worry in the end it is never as bad as you invision it. Everything will come together and everyone will remember it with smiles.