Monday, May 18, 2009

The Birthday Party

The party has come and gone and we all "survived." Today I have a crappy cold and Justin's whole body aches--probably from setting up the whole party complete with EZ Ups, Kiddie Pools, Tables, Chairs, and BBQing in 105 degree weather all day. Yes, ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE! I love that man to the depths of my soul. He worked so hard yesterday trying to make everything perfect for his little girl.

In any case, it went off without a hitch, save for the weather. Honestly, I think if it had been just a little cooler (like it had all week for instance), it would have been perfect. As it was, everyone had a decent time. . . but it was more like being in a sauna than a bday party.

Still fun though and in the end, Amelia won't remember a damn thing anyway. Isn't it funny how that works? I figure it was all practice for the REAL parties she WILL remember someday.

On to the pics

The prep was not pretty. Not pretty at all.

The cake. It didn't turn out as terrible as I first thought. After a good night's sleep and in a clean kitchen, it looked much cuter than I remembered.

Amelia's cake

The party honoree before her shindig

Oops. I forgot the camera when I went in to say good morning. She wasn't very happy when I left to get it. Priceless pouty-face pic though!

With her rock star shades that we put in all the goodie bags!

Yup. Too bad we forgot to put it on her when she had her cake. Next year.

Daddy worked very hard for somebody's party. See the sweat on the poor man's brow?
Mercy that man is hawt. Excuse me. Hot I mean. Yeah. Hot. It was hot out. Mmmmm.

The party outfit that she wore for about two seconds. Complete with green jellies, thank you very much.

So we had the party at our local park (1 block from our house) so there were no decorations or anything. Thank goodness. Don't make yourselves crazy with stupid themes Mamas! The favorite theme for little ones at this age is PLAYING. Just let them play and they are good. So are their parents!

Party People
Ignore miscellaneous wet spots on adults. There were wet toddlers about. Nuff said.

Honestly, have a kiddie pool at every party with kids involved and you are sure to win them over.

Cake time! We've waited for this moment for 12 long months--the cake meets face moment. True to form, Amelia dashed our hopes and dreams and simply threw the cake and chewed on the plate. Love it.
I really don't know what the big deal is. Why does everyone have their cameras out?
Okay--one for the cheap seats.

The Loot

My goodness this little girl is spoiled!! Look at all her loot. She got some waaaay cool toys!! Too bad that when we opened them all, she took off with one of the instruction books and proceeded to play with it for an hour. Staples. It's the real baby toy store!

You can't see here that she also got over 20 books! We love books! Naturally.
Seems like a lot of stuff right?
But then there's the clothes. Oh, the clothes.
Major freaking cuteness.
Yippee! Summer clothes! Must. Go. To. Beach.

I think she's set for a WHILE! Would we be bad parents if we called the party her gift and didn't get her anything?? I can't imagine what else she could need and we are pooped--and broke. And it's not like she'll know the otherwise. But then she wouldn't have anything to open on Wednesday and I can already hear her telling her therapist all about her first birthday--and how we didn't love her enough to give her a gift on her birthday. Truth be told, she should give us a gift! We managed to keep her alive for 12 whole months! At some times, that was a real effort on our part. But I digress. Hmph.

The party girl--post party wipeout.
Sleepy Punkin

And yes, she woke up when I took this picture and caught me as I ducked and rolled out of her room. Wailing ensued. Oops.

Misc. Party pics.

Adorable Alyssa and Amelia.
Birthday Parties Rock!
My how times have changed.

Fun was had by all!! And only 12 months to get ready for the next one. . .

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LOL - those pictures say it all Ya'll had a BLAST!!

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