Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Time is slipping past me like a fast-moving conveyor belt and I feel as though I am simply standing still looking out a window. It's that point in the semester, when everything drags, I get behind, and students begin to bug me. Spring Break is long overdue and still two weeks away. It's also the time in my baby's first year when she changes every day, learns something new every second, and becomes a little person by the hour.
There is so much going on and the thought of blogging about it all makes my heart pound and my eyes dart around the room. Or go to the pool and read a magazine in the sun.
Either way, I have a LOT to catch up on and not the time to get it all done.

But I wanted to announce the winner of Amelia's super cool hat! It's Mama Mary! I am positive that her cutie patootie Michael will look great in his new hat--color still to be chosen as of today. Thanks Mary for reading and following our little blog! Us mommies need to stick together and learn from one another, and blogging is the perfect way to do this, naturally.
And just as a runner-up because I can't help but want to make a little something for this person, Jaime will be getting a hat too! She not only writes an amazing food blog, but recently found out that she is expecting as well. Not to get into her history too much, but she really deserves to celebrate this bundle of joy that is now on the way! Not to mention her blog is the first one I ever bookmarked and solely responsible for my obsession with food blogs in general.
Congrats ladies!
And THANK YOU to all the people who entered. It was really cool to see all of the entries and stories. I appreciate it so much! And if you know someone who is expecting or has a brand new baby, stay tuned! I will be giving away a brand new Miracle Blanket very soon!!


Jaime said...

awwww thank you!!! :) that is so sweet of you. i am also so flattered that you bookmarked my blog so early on! :)

Mary said...

Thank YOU! I'm so excited to get our hat and I can't thank you enough!