Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey Governor!

Amelia attended her first political rally last Monday. We showed up to support Community College funding, which is in bad shape in the state's economy. Apparently our a-hole Governor thinks that public education is his own little cache of extra dollars when he's in trouble. . . and is he ever in trouble these days.
The rally was inspiring. There were community college students from all over the state, many of them having ridden buses for hours to arrive at the capitol and have their voices heard. The crowd was extremely diverse, reflecting the true spirit of community colleges and exemplifying what higher education is really about. Amelia and I weren't there for long because it was chilly and the noise was deafening, but it was important for me to be there as an instructor, a mommy, and a citizen who cares about education for all students.

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Sha and Michelle said...

she looks like she did very well at the rally! She's be a public speaker yet!!