Friday, March 20, 2009

For Pete's Sake

It's been another month already?! I am pretty sure I JUST posted Amelia's 9-month pics yesterday and here we are on the 20th AGAIN! Life has reached a frantic pace and it's not likely to slow down for the next couple months. As if keeping up with life and work and LIFE wasn't hard enough, I am starting a new class tomorrow (yes, that's SATURDAY) that meets twice a week for a total of 7 hours. The most unfortunate thing about this is that I really would rather be here blogging about my babygirl all the time. I think of things to blog about regularly and then when I get the time to post . . . nothing.
Today brought some semi-bad news. Amelia has loose hip joints that were not caught as a newborn. We now have to get x-rays done and hope to high heaven that she won't need casts to set them. CASTS! This reality is a little too much for me to even delve into at the moment. Let's just hope for the best and try not to worry until there is something to worry about. That is what I keep telling myself. I am not letting anything else weigh on my brain because the very thought of A in casts on her birthday is too much for this mama. Okay?
On the flip side, she is really coming into focus as a little person with personality, strengths (eating!) and weaknesses (sleep!). I look at her newborn pictures and realize that we really didn't know her then. She was beautiful and ours and we knew her better than anyone else, but that wasn't much at all. Now she is just a little character. She's very verbal, talks nonstop. I honestly have no idea where she got that! Her father and I are not talkers in the least. Nope, not one bit. She wakes up talking to herself and goes to sleep talking to herself (after a nice crying bout to warm up with). She pulled herself to standing yesterday--and was quite proud of herself too! You could see accomplishment in her face! Now she is climbing on anything and everything she can get her hands (or teeth for that matter) on.
She eats regular foods that she feeds to herself! Tonight, I put a pile of macaroni, avocados, pears, and bananas on her tray and let her party. It's not pretty, but is part of the process. She eats ground turkey (not pureed--gross), bits of chicken, beans, pancakes, you name it. Save for milk of course. She is still showing allergic reaction to milk. Her doctor told me that she's never seen a baby go 12 months and still not tolerate milk and if Amelia does, it is more than likely a true long-term allergy rather than an infant intolerance. Another possibility that I am pretending doesn't exist. I can't.
Speaking of milk, Amelia is almost completely weaned. Mixed feelings here that I will save for another blog. She is doing well and hardly seems to notice the difference at this point. She's a champ like that.
More soon. Hopefully. This mama is tired.

Too bright, mom!

She's laughing at my attempt of getting any decent pictures of her today. This would be beautiful if we could all pretend that she didn't shove that flower into her mouth a second after this picture was taken. But we all know better.
Oh my.
Looks just like Daddy.
Wait. Now she looks just like Mommy.
And here she looks just like herself. Much cuter than either of her parents. (Though her dad is not too shabby if I do say so myself.)

Did I mention the climbing?

The girl has the most delicious set of thighs and cankles I've ever seen. Remind me to blog about them and post pics before they go away. They're my favorite part.
Happy 10 months Amelia!

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