Monday, March 2, 2009

I See You!

So I put a site meter on our little blog here. Though I did it only out of curiosity, it's become a mini-obsession--seeing who reads this site. This blog, which is really for my parents and my way of keeping them off my back for pics and stories, has, for whatever reason, gained a bit of an audience. I have no idea why. It's full of ramblings about my kid, mostly the kind of stuff that I don't think anyone else would find interesting. Regardless, there have been visitors from India, Canada, England (lots from the UK!), Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy, and states all across the U.S.

I think the Americans have been linked in by others, but those in other countries have found us here with various Google searches. People stumble upon us by searching for info about reflux, sleep problems, breast feeding, and others. There have been several searches including the word, "swaddle" that have landed folks here. lol. Some of them are funny searches. One person typed in "Sucking toes" into Google and found us! ha.

And my all-time favorite search? "Magic Boobies!" Somebody searched MAGIC BOOBIES! As if that isn't funny enough, my blog is what Google produces for the term! I have no idea what the searcher was really looking for, but I am assuming that it wasn't a blog about a little baby and her crazy mother! I do, however, find some real joy and comfort in the fact that I host a site that is the result of googled Magic Boobies.

There is someone in the UK who even searches, "Amelia Jane blog." I'm guessing that they found us through another search and now come back for updates. I again, can't really figure out the appeal . . . but find it so exciting and sweet that people are tuned into Amelia's journey. She's a lucky girl.

As a survey, and in honor of my favorite blogger, as well as just for the sheer fun of it, I'm doing a mini-giveaway! I am going to send a hat, color chosen by winner, and made by my own hands to someone who reads our blog! The hat will be the same style as the one worn by Amelia in my last post (see pics below). I figure that most people finding any interest in this blog are mamas of babies and/or just people who have babies in their lives in some way or another. I honestly can't think of any other reason somebody would come by regularly. lol.

To win, you just need to leave a comment to this post with your name and email addy, and maybe a little diddy about you, your baby, or why you're here. They will not be published and only the email addy of the winner will be used by me--and only to get you your hat! That means that you won't see any comments for this post . . . but I will! Deadline will be noon, St. Patty's Day 3/17/09.

YAY! I am excited and admittedly scared that only one person will show an interest. :-)

Can't wait to hear from you!


LT's said...

that is a pretty cute hat! way to go for making it! i dont know how you find time to do it!
she is pretty darn cute too and getting so big!

Sha and Michelle said...

I've been flipping through some of your older blog posts and had seen the white hat - they are both so cute! I also saw another hat that is "bucket/bonnet styled did you make that one too (it's adorable!)? There is a picture of Amelia in it on the post 2/16/09, the Valentine's Race.

Stephanie said...

PS - I love your little girls name. Amelia was our girl pick!