Friday, August 19, 2011

A Nap-Time Laundry List

*It’s my first day alone with both babychildren and they are both sleeping at the same time! Yes, I should be sleeping myself, but here I am instead. I have to clear my head of all the things rattling around in my brain that I want to get into words. Nothing cohesive and no commentary. Just little thoughts.

*Left my wallet at Target today. Thank Mother Earth they had it! But since Justin was headed out to a golf tournament (mmhmm), I had to take both girls back to the store to pick it up. Annie slept on the way—as long as the car was moving. Every time we stopped or even slowed down, she wailed. So annoying. Amelia used to do the same thing and it made me crazy! I’ll surely get a ticket one day and will have to explain that if I go slower than 35, my baby screams. In any case, it turns out that a wailing baby is the ONLY thing that makes Amelia quiet in the car. Trade off. And every time I glanced in the backseat, I saw that Amelia was holding Annie’s hand. Not in my view and not trying to be cute for attention. . . but to keep her baby sister company. How sweet is that?! I am not sure my heart can take all the sisterly cuteness.

* Annie is huge. She is literally as big as Amelia was at 3 months old. I love that she feels more sturdy already and is getting past the mushy newborn phase quickly, but dang! My whole plan to have another girl and pass on the wardrobe is about to foiled, I fear. Annie is definitely not fitting newborn clothes in either length OR girth, but I just knew that 3 month clothes would be way too big. . . until I tried them on. Fit perfectly. WHAT?! So crazy. I don’t know if I will every get used to her being so much bigger than her sister. I weighed her yesterday and she is over 12 lbs. HA! How is it possible to have two babies on such different ends of the scale?! Insane. And in regards to the clothes, she is going to grow out of season y’all! And my whole evil plan for two daughters to share their clothes is quickly headed down the toilet.

*And I of course totally LOVE that she is so big and chubby and ridiculously strong.

*Speaking of strong, I forgot to post about Annie rolling over. Twice. True story. She rolled from her belly to her back twice within the first 3 weeks. I thought the first time was just a fluke and then it happened again! I set her down on her tummy and looked away. When I looked back—on her back. Holy hell! I can’t even set her down and trust that she’ll be in the same place at less than a month old?! I think we are in trouble with this one. With Amelia, you could see a milestone coming a mile away. Made it much less scary.

*Justin’s taken an extended leave from work and it’s been nothing short of wonderful. I just keep thinking how we’ll never again be off from work together for a long time to just enjoy our family and togetherness. I am not too worried about juggling two babies when he goes back to work, but I will definitely miss him. Hopefully, we still have a few more weeks. It’s been so awesome to divide the duties and kids and make it all work as a family unit.

*Last Saturday was the perfect day. Justin got up with both kids so I could sleep in a bit. Then Amelia and I went to the Farmer’s Market (alone) for a while, eating berries out of the basket and sharing a peach muffin. After that, I took both Annie and Amelia on an errand for the first time alone—without a hitch. Once home, we had lunch and both girls went down for nap at the same time (saving grace!) so Justin and I spent some time together in the pool and soaking up the sun. After nap, we watched a movie with Amelia and then had a yummy dinner outside as a family. So simple. It doesn’t get much better than an easy day with your babies and your love, enjoying life’s little pleasures.

*My brother’s getting married in 2 months. It’s an ‘elegant’ wedding and Amelia’s the flower girl. I’m not thrilled about having to find a formal dress in which I can breastfeed and feel remotely human 3 months post-partum and take a million pictures.

*Speaking of my brother, mothering my second baby has given me profound insights on the affects birth order have on children on into adulthood. It’s too much to go into now, but the second child has an incredibly different set of parents and a universally different experience than the first. Makes so much sense and watching it all unfold has made me realize a lot about my (older) brother and I.

*School starts next week. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I miss the excitement of the first week after summer. Arriving at school and meeting up with all of your tan and rested friends. There is a buzz in the air that is intoxicating at the beginning of the school year. HOWEVER, that excitement is the ONLY thing I miss about it. . . and even that is pretty false because I teach summer school every year, so rather than excitement, I am mostly immersed in dread and burnout and forced to fake the energy. So in reality, I don’t miss work right now. Not one piece of me wishes I was in meetings this week and prepping for class next week. If you know me or have taken a class from me, that’s probably a surprise. Heaven knows I love my job and am practically married to it when in session. . . but that’s the problem! I teach at burn-out pace year in and year out. I don’t have a good sense of balance between work and home and I’d rather be here. With my babies. I don’t want to worry about grading papers while breastfeeding at 3 am.

*OHOHOH! That reminds me that it must be recorded that Annie slept until 5 once this week and then until SIX am! What in the efffffff? Who does that at 5 weeks old? WHO I ask? Of course, the first time, I woke up at 3 in a panic and the second time, I had to get up at 5 to pump lest my boobs completely explode. I didn’t pump the first time and practically drowned the poor child. Is it really possible that we have that kid? The one who just . . . sleeps? Oh my. The good deeds I will do if it turns out to be true.

*And the big one is up from nap. She asked me to put barrettes in her hair. “Like Daddy does it with two clips.” So I put two in and she looks in the mirror, “Mama. Can you fix this? It doesn’t look right to me.” Sigh.

This here life? Pretty good.


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