Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby-Timed Post

I’ve begun several posts only to get interrupted and unable to finish them. Argh. I’ve been on the internet a lot, but only on my phone. My actual keyboard time boils down to a couple times a week. Ack.

So instead of waiting to finish a full post, I’m just going to get little thoughts down as quickly as possible until the baby timer goes off.

Today was a rough day. (Coming from my only previous experience, I don’t know what a normal fussy baby is like so I am trying to stay positive even though it appears that there are early symptoms revealing themselves.) In any case, Annie finally fell asleep today late in the afternoon and slept through Justin’s birthday dinner. And then on the way home, she screamed like an animal. All. The. Way. It mostly sucked hard. There was a funny moment though when Amelia (who stayed astonishingly silent for almost the whole ride) looked at her sister, sighed, and said “Come ooooooooon Annie. Don’t cry in the CAR!”

This of course made us chuckle.

If the child only knew.

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