Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chugga Chugga Chew Chew!

Ever since we stayed in San Clemente last May Amelia has loved trains. There the tracks follow the sand's edge and engines run all day and through the night. It actually gets a little annoying but if you're newly two and just discovering the marvel of rail transportation, it's pretty exciting to see real trains like that.
Ever since that vacation, she'll turn herself inside out to catch a glimpse of a train. And every time she sees one she yells "Look Mama, I see a train over there! CHOO CHOOOOOOO!"

So we decided she needed to ride on a train. Or the closest, most accessible likeness of a train--Light Rail. We took it into another part of town to have lunch.

I could tell she was excited because she wasn't saying a single word and was very serious.

And I couldn't take a great pic because she was in my lap and with a death grip on both my hands. "We're going really, really fast!"

After lunch, we caught the train headed home and by then, she was a pro. She even sat on her own seat.

But still held Daddy's hands.

And her ticket!

Hey Amelia, do you like the train?

It was a fun, cheap adventure and she loved it. "I ride on the train Mama! Let's ride the train AGAIN!"
I think more trains are in her future.

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Cute pictures, from a children author