Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back in Action

Amelia missed school again last Thursday. The cold that appeared to linger turned into a whole other illness that made the whole family sick. Holy hell. Preschool is some seriously germ infested shit. The doctor put her on antibiotics for the mystery illness that lingered and/or reappeared and/or disappeared and made room for another—largely because she’d been coughing for three weeks and hadn’t slept through the night for two.

Perhaps it’s this loss of sleep that led to mom and dad falling vulnerable to said illness? Either way, the medicated kid is doing much better than her parents today since we haven’t had the time to take ourselves to the doctor. Isn’t that how it always goes?

In any case, as of last week, Amelia had attended the same number of days as she had been absent from preschool in 3 weeks. Not awesome.

Last Tuesday



Blurry, partially-sick-probably-shouldn’t-be-in-school-Bug.

She was so upset to miss school on Thursday. I sat her down and said, '’Sweetie, Daddy’s going to come home and stay with you. I don’t think you should go to school today because you’re not feeling very well.” To which she replied, “No. I go to preschool today mama. I’m not sick. I go to school. Sound good to you? Sounds good to me!”

Mmhmm. It was like that.

When she woke up this morning, I asked her where she was going today and she said “PRESCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!” And then later, ‘Come ON mama! I’m all ready to go to preschool today!”

edited 10-5

Today’s stats: no accidents AND a nap. Yes.


Doesn’t she look excited? About 1 second after I took this picture, she said, “Let’s go INSIDE mama!” Ok, ok.

When I picked her up today, she just a little happy girl. She has such a happy energy since starting preschool. She looks like a little ragamuffin by the end of the day but she’s as happy as a little bug. She does run up and wrap herself around  my legs, but she does not run out to the car to go home. Instead she gives me a hug and then runs back to the activity at hand or the snack on the table or to her friends. It’s a great feeling to know that she’s happy there. We were forced to move her to preschool when our *^$#! nanny quit unexpectedly, but it’s making her so very happy.

Oh but the illness sucks big time.

Still worth it.

On the way home, Amelia informed me that “When I get home, I’m putting my jammies back on.” To which I said, “But aren’t your clothes super comfy?” “No I put my jammies on at home. Super cozy mama.”

I laughed it off. And then we got home and as she walked in the door, she ran and grabbed the jammies she WOKE UP in and put them on.

And wore them all evening and then to bed tonight.


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