Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Utter Sophistication

These days, when people ask me (often out of obligation, it seems) how my daughter is, I have the same, simple response . . . "Well, she's all grown up, essentially." An overstatement perhaps, but a true sentiment all the same. At this time last year, we were in the depths of despair over our poor, helpless child who wailed endlessly and seemingly had little personality out of pure misery. This year, I spend my days with a girl who listens and responds to me, has her own plan, and eats off a stinkin plate! Can you believe that? Where else to go from here, is what I want to know!

Amelia, according to a neighbor mommy is "a thinker." She loves to put things together, observe them, and then take them apart to figure it all out again. Quietly, while the other kids are running around and screaming, I might add. She is most pleased by things that fit together perfectly, perhaps reflecting a bit of a Type A personality. She loves to read, bringing me books and sitting waiting for the story to unfold. When by herself, she picks up books, and reads them to herself, touching the words as she goes. She can sign all of the essentials in baby communication and knows almost all of the parts of her body. She can walk across the toddler pool almost completely by herself. . . well, until a plane flies overhead and she stops to point, upsetting the precarious balance between child and water.

Even in thinking of new blog posts, I run short. Sure she is doing big things every day, but she's a kid in so many ways and the milestone are so very different than that of babies. Maybe they are happening too fast, or seem less dramatic?

Or maybe she's so much more fun to hang out with these days that I don't want to do much else. . .

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