Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She may never remember

Amelia was especially lovey all day today, giving out hugs and snuggling without solicitation. Since she skipped her pm nap today (ARGH!), she was very tired this evening, but still in good spirits, surprisingly enough. After bath time, she ran about the house naked . . . as usual. This is aptly named, "Naked Baby Time" in our house and is thoroughly enjoyed by all. When after jammies, we snuggled into the rocker and had our last cup of "milk" and read a story. She laid her head on my chest and talked quietly to herself. (This is usually when she would start pushing me away and pointing at her crib.) Seeing as it was a unique moment, I held her close for a long while until it was apparent that she was increasingly tired and not able to sleep on me. I picked her up and took her to her crib. This is the point where she starts to whine and ignore all attempts for hugs. But tonight as we stood there swaying, with her head against my chest, she looked up, turned her head towards my face, and kissed my lips with hers. It was a real, honest kiss. She pulled away, looked at my face, and kissed me again. I gave her one last squeeze, put her in her bed and as I walked out, she made a kissey noise in my direction. I threw one back at her, closed the door, and snuck away with a bit of a tear in my eyes.

It was one of those (so many) moments that she will never remember . . . but I will never forget.

Sleep tight, my sweet angel.

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Amie said...

That makes me teary. Sweet,sweet girl.