Thursday, August 20, 2009

I’m 15 Months Old Today!

What a difference a year makes! For realzies. Last year at this time—on this day more specifically—Amelia was three months old and our days were agonizing. Everyone had told us that she would settle at 3 months and that colic goes away at that age and we so looked forward to hitting the milestone. The fact that we had such high hopes for this turning point only made the next month completely unbearable, as she continued to scream endlessly and I grew sick from the exhaustion of it all.

I took these pictures in the morning—the only time of the day when I could get her to smile it seemed—and used the opportunity to put the cutest dress on her. It was size 3 months and since she’d worn newborn clothes for 3 months, I had to wait until it fit. When I put it on her that morning, it was still big, but it fit . . . and I wondered if she’d get another chance to wear it?

She grew out of her 3 month clothes in less than a week. In posting these pics originally, I was forced to see that Amelia was growing and looking more and more like a normal baby and less like the fragile, 5.5 pounder we’d brought home. In fact, as you can see, she’d gotten serious chubs!


These days, Amelia is quite a different spirit altogether. Well, I suppose her spirit is the same, but its chance for exposure has changed. Her personality is so . . . familiar to me. She sits quietly in the corner and reads to herself, enjoys being around other kids, but keeps a distance, loves her pets more than anything, and clings to mama when someone talks to her. She laughs only for the most clever jokes and appears to look straight through people—and their BS—into their souls. She takes a while to warm up to most and would rather cuddle than run away. She talks my ears off all day and then clams up the moment she is around “others.” She closes her eyes when she smiles and laughs through her teeth.

She is much like I remember being as a child.

Her locks are full and curly and mature beyond her mere 15 months, making her appear more a little girl than baby girl. She’s gotten more and more petite with the last few months, still wearing 12 month clothes that she first wore at 9 months. She sleeps great through the night and loves her morning nap. The afternoon nap is iffy at best, but we are still trying. She knows many more words than many at this age, including “plane,” which makes sense since we are near an air field. She says “Hi dogs” in the morning and “hi Dada” in the evening and loves her stuffed animal loveys.

She’s pretty cool, this one. I think we’ll keep her. (Something I couldn’t have concluded at this time last year! whew!)

DSCN1193 DSCN1196





Not too bad for 12 short months, eh?


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Amie said...

Ah, LOVE! She is too precious, I love her smile. I need to get my hands on her!!